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We are sharing this moment in history, trying to find our balance as COVID-19 disrupts our daily lives and presents us with so many unknowns. Because our community’s health and wellbeing are paramount, GROW Conference AVL will be postponed.

It’s an enormous disappointment. As a community, we have done so much to make this conference a reality. We are all committed to GROW’s mission – To strengthen our mental health ecosystem and strive for professional excellence in service to our broader community. Registrants, presenters, sponsors, vendors, and volunteers – Our all-volunteer Board of Directors is deeply grateful for your support. We will overcome this setback together.

Not knowing how the next weeks and months will unfold, we are postponing GROW to a time later in the year. That time is yet to be determined and will depend on how everything unfolds. We’ve already purchased so much of what we need to turn this vision into reality, and when the time is right, this conference will happen.

We are investigating adding virtual attendance options to our in-person conference. We are communicating with our presenters on how best to fulfill GROW’s mission. Thank you for your patience, understanding, and support through this process. We will continue to communicate with you as decisions can be made. All current registrations will be honored for the new dates.

Let’s all take care of each other through this time.


GROW Conference AVL Board of Directors
Kerrie Fuenfhausen
Gordon Smith
Jane Carter
Cindy Norton
Chris Mulchay
Michelle Alvarez
Kelly Denson, Conference Coordinator



GROW Conference AVL

GROW AVL is an all-local conference committed to strengthening our mental health ecosystem through collaboration, best practices, leadership, mentorship, and unceasing drive to grow as professionals. 

You are invited to share your talents, knowledge, and experience and to join others in a collaborative, cooperative culture of professional excellence.

GROW AVL will take place from Friday, March 20 through Sunday, March 22, 2020, with a special, pre-conference social on Thursday, March 19. Over 200 local clinicians will come together at Lenoir-Rhyne University’s Asheville Campus on Montford Avenue. At least 12 CEUs will be available.

Whether you’re a therapist, counselor, social worker, psychologist, psychiatrist, psychiatric nurse practitioner, or primary care physician, GROW AVL will give you the chance to learn new skills, broaden your knowledge base, and increase your awareness of resources for collaboration in the area.  

Between didactic sessions, GROW AVL networking opportunities will allow you to share your professional philosophy and build new connections with other practitioners, creating a more supportive therapeutic network for our clients and patients. 

GROW AVL Conference will actively connect early career practitioners to supervisors and mentors, allowing for the growth of professional excellence within our caring community. 

GROW AVL will feature presentations by local leaders who are making Asheville a dynamic center for therapeutic innovation and excellence. We have an extraordinary amount of talent in our little mountain metropolis, and GROW AVL aims to highlight it. 

Through these efforts, GROW AVL will enrich and increase the delivery of quality mental health services for those seeking care in and around Western North Carolina.

The Advisory Board for GROW AVL is grateful to live among capable, competent, caring professionals who seek to improve their practice and to recognize that we can be forever in a state of growth. We are grateful for the opportunity to invite our community to come together in a spirit of collaboration and excellence.

OBJECTIVE: To Strengthen Our Local Mental Health Ecosystem By...

…sharing knowledge, best practices, collaboration, cooperation, and a mutual commitment to excellence.

…bringing together Master’s Level Clinicians, Psychologists, and M.D.s to build enduring relationships.

connecting practitioners to mentors, supervisors, and other supports for professional development that extends well beyond the conference.


We are Asheville’s first all-local mental health conference.

The focus is on us, on our community.

All participants will have opportunities for enduring collaboration and mentorship with colleagues in the community.

It is the first-ever conference to be held at Lenoir-Rhyne University in Asheville, a location that is centrally located with excellent presentation spaces, easy access, and easy parking.

Registrations will be limited to around 200 in order to provide a rich, intimate experience and to comfortably utilize the conference location.

It’s the first one!

Attend GROW

GROW your...











GROW Conference Sponsorship

Your sponsorship will directly reach more than 200 mental health professionals in the Asheville area.

Connect to therapists, counselors, social workers, psychologists, and psychiatrists who are serving thousands of people in the Asheville area.

Sponsorship Opportunities

  • host a breakfast, lunch or dinner
  • host an off-site event
  • have your logo on conference materials
  • have your banners on display
  • sponsor individual presentations


Dozens of Asheville area leaders in mental health will offer practical, insightful, cutting-edge, growth-oriented presentations.

GROW Conference is hosted by lead sponsor Lenoir-Rhyne University at their Asheville campus.

GROW will offer a wide variety of opportunities to get to know other mental health professionals in our community.

CEU’s available.

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